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December 9, 2012 Meme 16

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.




Last week on The Bawdy Book Blog

Coming up this week?

  • Jennifer will be reviewing A Cold Creek Noel by RaeAnne Thayne
  • Don’t forget to check out this week’s Indie Author Excerpt featuring Ill-fated by Evelyn Ink
  • Saturday brings another B-Tips post
And maybe some other stuff, too.


Book Haulin’!

Nope!  None, I am trying to play catch up, although the lure of all those holiday books pulls at me…

Of course that means no pretty pictures to look at this week… boooooooo!  Here, I’ll share a picture of my Christmas Tree:

"The Sunday Post"

We used six strands of lights… there are gifts that still need to be wrapped but we are incredibly lazy.

In Other News…

You may have noticed something looks different around here.  Did I get my hairs did?  Nope!  (Actually, I need to schedule a trimmy trim trim….).  Oh hey!  The blog looks different you guys!  Yessirree, I changed the template, gave the header the boot (not permanently) and I also installed a new commenting system (out with Disques, in with Livefyre), so now you can choose to follow conversations, as well as “like” others’ comments.  Oh yes and…you can post gifs and pics in comments.  No code required.  Try to keep it somewhat clean…

The theme I’m using is on the Genesis framework and I like it a lot.  It’s flexible and I’ve found so far that there are a lot of tutorials out there to customize it.  So you shall see the blog change over the next few months as I learn and add things to it.  Let me know what you think!  Do you miss my bawdy little chick?  What about the header?

Important Update if you subscribed to The Bawdy Book Blog via RSS or Email prior to September 2012!

Google is a business and as such, businesses like to make money. There have been rumors circulating on the web here, here and here (okay, so the last one is less rumor and more fact) that Feedburner, the free Google service that feeds your content to people’s RSS readers, is going away next month.   Or, at least the API is, which means third parties can’t use the client (ie – widgets).  This means that anyone already subscribed to the old feed needs to re-subscribe to the new feed here at The Bawdy Book Blog.  Why?  Because I was proactive and decided to boot Feedburner before they could boot me.


Resubscribe to the feed by clicking the button – unless you’ve already clicked the button, then don’t click the button, I don’t know what’ll happen, black-hole like spontaneous implosion?


To subscribe via email, just enter your information in the righthand rail subscription widget.


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The Sunday Post
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16 Responses to “The Sunday Post”

  1. kimbacaffeinated

    I like the simplified blog look, and your tree looks lovely! Enjoy playing with your new template.  Have a great week and oh yeah I need an intervention regarding holiday themed books! The Sunday Post

    • Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

      kimbacaffeinated Oh thanks!  You don’t think it’s too plain?  I plan to spice it up after the holidays when I’m done buying presents for the entire world.  I think we both need an intervention with holiday themed books :)

  2. NomesHopkins

    I didn’t think that I’d have anything in my haul to share this week, but I ended up getting a couple of eBooks! Christmas is definitely getting here quick!!
    Here’s My StS and Sunday Post!Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  3. kimbacaffeinated

    Ok cupcake, how do i comment without getting everyone’s comments in my mailbox? Livefyre sends me all new comments to all your blogs plus your comments,..LOL

    • Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

      kimbacaffeinated hover over your gravatar, click edit profile and then when that page opens, go to your email notifications settings.  Right now you are set to auto-follow anything you comment in.  You will probably want that to Never, and the rest to Immediately.

  4. Sarah saz101

    Your Christmas tree belongs in a catalogue! IT IS SO PRETTY! I’m actually off to the dept. store to pick up more lights tonight. We untangled them last night to find we were missing the adapter. So while I have LIGHTS, I don’t have anything to plug into the electrical outlet *sad*
    ANYWAY. OMG. SO MANY BLOODY BOOKS. I’m having the same prob. I can’t justify buying more when I have HUNDREDS lying unread at home and on my Kindle >__<

      • sazbah

        Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog Ugh. Me, too. I have one of those shelves with squares, if you know what I mean, but I have three of those, double stacked. It’s a problem.
        And those ARE just review books >__<
        And I’m with you on the simple. No tinsel or garlands for us, either… but… uh… we have a fuctonne of ornaments. So by the time we’re done you can barely fit any more. Um… uh. When I’m done, I’ll send you a photo :D

  5. Stephanie Sinclair

    I love the new simplified design, Jenn! And I didn’t get any new books this week either, but that’s not uncommon for me. I don’t foresee many new books in my future until after the holidays.

    • Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

      Stephanie Sinclair I swear I replied to this last night….anyway, thanks!  I needed it simplified, and the last theme I was using wasn’t user friendly at all.  I hated tweaking it.  I already love being able to do stuff in this theme :D
      I’m trying to hold off on books until after Christmas too.  We’ll see how that goes.

  6. aurian

    It is nice and clean, but yes, I do miss that naughty girl on top of the blog. I am an email subscriber, but only for a few weeks now.
    Lovely Christmas tree! I still have to haul mine from the attic though.

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