Review Policy

Dear Authors & Publishers,

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog!  The Bawdy Book Blog is accepting review requests!  Please keep in mind that we really only have time to respond to requests we can accept, however.

If you would like to be featured in another way, and you are an indie or small pub author, we have something extra special for you: please check out Indie Author Excerpts.


Where Are Our Reviews Posted?

We post our reviews here at The Bawdy Book Blog, Goodreads, & Amazon (and the source of origin, if applicable).  Books are also cross-posted across social media sites, so reviews will reach a wider audience.
A review of your book is not guaranteed; if we are unable to finish it for any reason, we will not post a review of the entire book.  However, we will post why we didn’t finish it on Goodreads (and we may post a DNF blog post here).

To get a better understanding of how we might rate your book, please visit our Rating System Explained page.


Genres We Review

Some of us are very selective in what we like to read (Jennifer)…  You won’t often find many low-rated books on The Bawdy Book Blog for this reason.  Below is a list of genres we typically enjoy, especially if they are mixed.  For instance, Jennifer really liked the Starfire Angels series by Melanie Nilles, which is a Young Adult, Science-Fiction/Fantasy blend.  On the other hand, she wouldn’t read Science-Fiction just by itself (usually….but sometimes she will, although she tends to seek them out and not the other way around).

  • Young Adult
  • Paranormal Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dystopian/Speculative Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction/Fantasy
  • Modern/Southern Gothic
  • Historical Romance
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Mystery


Our Reviews Include
  • Book Cover
  • Synopsis (provided by Goodreads, Amazon or publisher)
  • Review
  • Rating 1-5 stars
  • Publishing information
  • Purchasing links
  • How the book was obtained

All four of us own various e-readers and tablets, so we are able to accept ebooks for review, however we accept physical ARCs and galleys as well.  If you’d like to have us review your novel and participate in a future giveaway, please contact us.  We are also available for occasional book tours, giveaways and author interviews and guest spots.



Please note that reviews are never guaranteed.  If your book is far along in the series, we may not be able to read and/or review it.  This is a time issue and nothing else.

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Negative Reviews

We don’t like doing negative reviews (who does?), but if we read a book that we feel warrants a negative review from us, we will write it.  Please keep in mind that our reviews are entirely subjective* and we blog for other readers, so we can connect and discuss books.  This doesn’t mean that your book was bad; it just means we didn’t enjoy it.  Please remember that we have the right to our own opinions (and sometimes, we don’t even agree with each other!). Also, we hand out quite a few 3′s….3′s are GOOD BOOKS.
We do not write full reviews of books we Did Not Finish (DNF), unless we feel we have enough material to write why we did not finish it.  We will then only review the portion we have read.

If you have questions, please send an email to us at



*DISCLAIMER: We will never, ever participate in author reviewing.  We only review books.  However, we do “vote” with our wallets and do not support authors who react poorly to negative reviews, and this includes not purchasing or reading and reviewing the books of authors who have defamed, libeled and/or publicly degraded book bloggers and reviewers – or other authors – online or elsewhere.