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July 9, 2012 In My Opinion 40

I was happily trawling away on twitter earlier this evening when I saw a tweet from Megan @ Book Brats roll through…a website was the worst thing she had ever seen.  Naturally, my curiosity was piqued, so I tweeted her back:

And was led to this (I refuse to actual link to it and give them any traffic):

This is a website created by an “anonymous” group (I say anonymous because anyone can go to WHOIS and find out the registrant info) calling out specific bloggers for supposed actions they’ve taken online against authors.  I am sickened.  How can any professional author think this is okay?  The answer can only be: they don’t.  They know it’s wrong because the website is anonymous, its authors hidden behind fictitious Disney characters and Greek goddesses, while they pound out posts against their nemesis bloggers like the keyboard warriors they wish they could be.

Each post is dedicated to a particular blogger, and why they feel that blogger is a bully.  Opinions on that aside (I don’t have one), this site is a haven of hypocrisy.  Can someone tell me why it’s okay to post someone’s FULL NAME AND PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT on the internet?  Because these authors did in what one can only assume as an act of revenge.

I’ve a couple of things I really need to get off my chest:

  • This is the God damn internet.  If you don’t like something you see on it, TURN IT OFF.
  • Two wrongs =/= a right.  Or did you miss that day in Kindergarten?

For anyone wondering, here are the definitions listed as “bullying” by STGRB website:

By my count, the authors responsible for this website broke rules 1-7, and possibly 8, but since we don’t know who is actually behind this atrocious, childish site, we can’t be sure on that.

I commented on the site.  I want to see if it actually goes through, or if it’s heavily moderated like I suspect it is.  But here it is, and at least I know it’s there and they will see it.

“Your comment is awaiting moderation.”  Yeah, I bet it is.


Update 7/11/2012:

A new post that sounds relatively gleeful at the prospect of stirring up the community bullying these so-called “Goodreads Bullies” has shown up today.  Rather than try to summarize it, I’ll just quote the good stuff for you guys here to digest as you see fit.


Some authors just react badly to reviews.  Period.  They don’t like to see something they worked so hard reviewed badly and put out on display for the world to see.  I get that.  These folks apparently don’t.   And then there are some authors who react very well to negative reviews; when I asked J. Meyers what she thought of negative reviews, she said, “I’ve read most of the reviews, and at first even the small criticisms hurt a bit. But I thought about why it hurt–was it because it was true? If so, then it was a help to me to open my eyes to something I missed and can do better at next time. If it wasn’t true then why would I let it bother me?”  Well said.

Moving on.

From their FAQ at the bottom of the post:


I have to ask, other than posting a very FAIR AND DETAILED  review of why she didn’t finish The Selection by Kiera Cass, what has she ever done?  Look out, Wendy Darling, sounds like they’re coming for you.

Since we’re on this topic, stop on over at Fangs For The Fantasy; she’s written up a nice article as well.

Update 7/11/2012 8:03PM

As Christi in the comments section pointed out, you can report this site for cybercrime (specifically, cyberharassment) at the following URL:  Make sure that when you enter in the domain, you take off the http:// and do not add www.  You should also choose “miscellaneous” in the drop down menu.  Thanks, Christi!


Update 7/11/2012 8:30pm

Author Jennifer Armintrout weighs in – TWICE!  And I couldn’t have said it better myself.

What I’m saying is, if you want to be treated a certain way, then treat other people that way. If you don’t mind getting treated the way you treat people, that’s fine, too. But these things should be equal. It’s certainly your right, but totally creepy, weird and gross to respond to an internet fight by posting information that could cause a real life consequence for someone. If that is truly what is in your heart, that you want these people ruined in real life because you disagreed on the internet? You need to spend time away from the computer. You need to spend time in counseling. And I’m not saying that in a pithy, “Gurl, you cray,” kind of way. I’m saying that because those actions are not the actions of sane and rational human being. No reviewer, no matter how mean or snarky, deserves to have their parenting questioned, their livelihood threatened, or to be chastised for not fitting a stereotype. If you think that all sounds very reasonable, and I just sound butthurt, again, back away from the computer. You might have the right to say all these things publicly, but it means you’re firebombing another person’s life, over an internet argument you probably won’t remember a year from now. That doesn’t make you tough and cool. It makes you insane.
Click here to read her thoughtful – and funny – post on the subject.


Update 7/12/2012 12:00pm

After reading Parajunkee’s latest BB101 post, The Sh*t Stops Here,  on author/blogger relations, it’s been brought to my attention that STGRB has now taken down their anti-bullying banners. Guess the hypocrisy was just too much for them to take.

Keep reporting them, people.  Posting these ladies’ personal information is NOT okay.


Update 7/12/2012 1:10pm

After a quick google on my lunch break, I stumbled across Foz Meadows’ site, and coverage of the James Austen/Kat Kennedy twitter debacle yesterday, where Austen mistakes Kennedy for Ridley and calls her a “retard“.  Nothing says “I have respect for the reading community” like a little gratuitous name-calling, right? Click the link to get the picture, and thanks Foz, for posting this.

Note: Foz has asked readers to refrain from sending Austen abusive messages.   I’m echoing that sentiment, because doing so won’t do anyone any good.

More good linkage:

Food, Fun and Urban Fantasy

Dedicated Readers Only



Update 7/13/2012 7:45pm

Two Fantasy Floozie got curious amid all the drama on why, exactly, these authors (and they’ve admitted now that some of them are indeed authors, despite false claims of denial previously) would create a site against bullying that seems to harbor, well, bullying agendas.  So they decided to contact one of them for an interview:

Who came up with the idea for this site? When did the idea pop up? What truly sparked this?

STGB: A community of writers, readers, and everyone in between has been slowly gathering to address what is happening on Goodreads.

It is an underground movement that is growing exponentially every day as more and more people find us. More people have been harmed by the GR bullies than we ever knew.

We knew there were a lot who had had terrible experiences (or witnessed them) and left the site, but we had no idea how many. As for our small group of members who run the site, we got the idea by watching Kat Kennedy on Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. With every Scandalous Scandal post, she profiles authors that the bullies want to target and sends the lynch mob after them. She doesn’t just profile authors either.

For example, she wrote a post on The Story Siren and convinced her followers to boycott the blog. So, this is really where we got the idea. Of course we are not trying to send a lynch mob after these bullies. We just want to call them out and create awareness about who they are and what they do.

You can read the full interview here: Two Fantasy Floozies. [link redacted]


Update 7/17/2012 6:40pm

Dear Author weighs in with a post on what this all really means. 

Meanwhile, StGRB has posted up again, this time with screenshots, calling out a few more, lower profile “bullies.”

Image source:


Image source:


Image source:


There were more, but I just don’t feel like saving and posting all of them.  I have to ask, do these sound like bullying reviews?  Since when did it become “bullying” to express an opinion in an open forum?  Who gets to decide what is or is not appropriate for book reviews, other than Goodreads itself?

Update 12/1/2012

It appears that, in order to continue stirring the internet pot, Douthit and Company at stopthegrbullies have resorted to bogus threats of DMCA takedowns for any site that has stolen their “intellectual” property or used their content without permission. This post has been updated so that any and all quotations from have been replaced with screenshots of the content and it should be noted that all screenshots were captured on my computer while I was at

A new site has cropped up, called, aimed at clinically dissecting, including the timeline of the site, speculation on who is behind it, the aim of the site and their claims of bullying. There are also multiple tabs for bloggers and authors speaking out against, as well as a tab that breaks down the definition of bullying with many links to opinions and blogger posts. In short, this site is what is really all about.

In other news, after five months of silence (on both this post and in the comments of this post), it should be noted that Carroll Bryant decided to comment in favor of, advising that people should deal with one another one-on-one, but then turning around to say “STGRB was needed to balance the scales of justice.” I am particularly of the opinion that Mr. Bryant is either still seeking attention by using this situation to his own advantage, or (and I hope I’m wrong in this) searching out drama for, as their site traffic has slowed considerably, based on the frequency of posts and number of commenters there.

In short, they’re trying not to go away.  So just keep ignoring them.

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IMO: Bully Me and I’ll Bully You, Because That Makes It Right. Logic, I Has It.
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40 Responses to “IMO: Bully Me and I’ll Bully You, Because That Makes It Right. Logic, I Has It.”

  1. Felicia

    OMG! I swear it is getting way out of hand. I know it is only a few bad apples but to be honest I limit my author/reader interaction to things that aren’t about their books unless I am at a signing. It is never about the fact that I review books, I don’t want them to know.
    Felicia recently posted..Top Off Tuesday: Surrender by Melissa SchroederMy Profile

    • Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

      Yeah, I don’t really announce it either. I’m a moderator on an e-reader board but I don’t tell the authors there what I do. I want to compartmentalize those two lives a little for a number of reasons, but I mainly I don’t want any drama. These anon authors are only making themselves look bad.
      I’m not passing judgement on the bloggers; I just don’t have time to look into their reviews and e-lives, but even if they were bullying, that doesn’t make it okay to make a website like this.
      It makes me all ragey just thinking about it!

  2. Kelly (Radiant Shadows)

    I commented yesterday as well, and I felt it was quite tame. I didn’t think to screencap it though!

    It was something along the lines of…

    “So let me get this straight. You decided the best way to combat “bullies” is to bully the bullies?

    By your own criteria for bullying, have you not broken at least eight of your own rules by creating this site? (Including, but not limited to: humiliating, gossiping, teaming up on and verbally attacking)?

    What is the purpose of this site, if not to foster more bullying?”

    But, of course, it hasn’t been approved yet.
    Kelly (Radiant Shadows) recently posted..Indie Authors & EditingMy Profile

  3. Sarah (saz101)

    Ugh. This is… well, it’s horrible.
    And the thing is? Kat’s not a bully. She’s an anti-bullying advocate, and I admire her for it. She ONLY ‘targets’ authors who have already bullied and targeted other bloggers, and she defends those who may not have a way of doing it themselves. I admire her for it.

    This is so hypocritical. It’s kind of a tangeant, but did you see Becca Fitzpatrick’s post about dealing with negative reviews? I was SO proud of her for it.
    Sarah (saz101) recently posted..Potterthon Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Hogwarts Faculty Member?My Profile

    • Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

      I’m not even going to bother digging into old reviews or posts of Kat’s, but I’ve never seen anything from her that was what I would call bullying. Has she called out authors behaving badly? YES. I can’t speak for what I don’t know, but I do know I’ve never seen anything bad come out of Cuddlebuggery or Kat.
      Sometimes the truth just freaking hurts. Authors are professionals, they should act like it. And I hate lumping them altogether like that, because it’s really only a few bad apples. Most of them are great.

      “Our opinions aren’t valuable because they’re right—they’re valuable because they’re ours.” -Becca Fitzpatrick. Now that lady has some integrity! Thanks for the link!

  4. KT Grant

    I love how this site targets so-called GRs reviewer bullies, but what about those authors on GRs who go after reviewers by calling them “douches” and “cows” as well as getting into screaming matches of a review the author may have an issue with?

    Am I missing something here? When did a consumer, who buys a product with their hard earned dollars, and post an honest opinion about that product come across as bullying?

    If the author didn’t engage the reviewer and help start the mob mentality that commences, then there would be no problem. I was taught you walk away. That’s what adults should do. This behavior is sad and childish like the blog you pointed out. What’s the point of it?

    • Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

      Hahaha yeah, I saw that review. Nothing worse for your brand and image than calling your consumer names.

      Seriously, SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST NOT GOING TO LIKE YOUR BOOK. Deal with it. Don’t go all HULKSMASH! on your reviewers because they may have an issue and point it out in a way that doesn’t please you. People have opinions. People express said opinions in different manners. That’s what differentiates us from robots. Well, that and bodily fluids.

  5. Zee

    All I’m saying is: two wrongs don’t make a right. Yes, there are those who don’t know how to write a constructive criticism/ review, but this website is going to be shut down in the near future. The people running the site are hiding their own identities (childish and lily-livered indeed) yet they are breaking all sorts of laws by publishing/ collating personal info about these less than savoury reviewers.

    They are not making any headway in cracking DOWN on cyberbully, they have ironically become participants instead. And seem to be doing a much better job at being verbal thugs. I don’t condone reviews by people who are uneducated either, but I do realise I must set an example of how to DEAL with this kind of behaviour – and that is to take my stand in a more mature way. All these people have done is made me lose respect for them. The way they have approached the situation has made them the losing party, even though they are underlining and fighting a very valid point.

    Such a shame. They obviously know they are doing something way out of line, that much is evident from the fact that they are keeping their identities a secret.
    Zee recently posted..Book Review | ‘Heroes and Villains’ by Angela CarterMy Profile

  6. Carroll

    If you have a problem with someone, author or otherwise, deal with them on a one on one basis. There is no need to gather up your friends and go “bully” someone, rate/review/trash a book you never read and or say things about someone that are not true when you don’t even know the person.
    That’s what these GR bullies do. Hell, they even have their own GR group where they gather to meet and plan their “attacks”. Kind of like a street gang when they meet up at their crack houses.
    STGRB was needed to balance the scales of justice. There is a huge difference between reviewing a book and bullying. These people don’t just review a book, they attack the author. If the author asks any questions about it (which they have every right to do) the “reviewer” gets their gang of thugs and they go gang up on that author.
    Like I said, just like a street gang.

    • Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

      Mr. Bryant, I recommend you follow the advice of your BFFs over at STGRB and ignore comments you don’t like, and, to your own point above, deal with people one on one. I also recommend you let this go and move on. You can continue to post here, because unlike at STGRB, I don’t moderate comments of users, but you will be ignored by the bloggers of this site.

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